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Auto Drain Valve

Auto drain valve supplier

Among the leading auto drain valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India include the name of BKL controls. Our products are used in many industries for various applications. These valves are made from high-quality raw material and passed through various types of quality checks before final dispatch to the customer. They are available at market leading pricing and capable to provide effective draining of moisture and oil from air systems. Our provided automatic sensing drain valves are newest in the technology and made from advanced manufacturing technology. These drain valves are effective, useful and reliable. Our each and every auto drain valve is manufactured in the state of the art manufacturing unit under the strict guidance of expert professionals.

The sensor of the valve can detect the rise of the level of condensate in the drain valve. This type of sensor can work in all type of condensate such as oil, water, water with oil and dust and can handle more such cases. When the condensate reaches the maximum limit level then controller sends a signal to the valve to open. After draining of condensate, it will again attain a lower level and the controller switches off the valve to stop the draining. The controller is a very important part as it keeps checking the health of the whole system, with the help of LED display, it shows all activity including failure and takes routine action for correction of operation. By these operational working methods, the valve can reduce any type of compressed air and save a large amount of energy.

We offer a variety of auto drain valves to our customers as per their specification and requirement. Among the entire auto drain valve supplier in India only BKL provide wide variety of auto drain valves with custom made design and exclusive features. Our offered drain valves are known as a very effective air purifier by removing pollutants and other substance. Bkl’s all drain valves come with the latest advancement and automatic technology. These auto drain valves can sense the level for activation and deactivation process. Resulting in no unnecessary loss of compressed air and hence known as an effective energy saver. These are highly effective, efficient and reliable valves come with a status indicator for power and drain status.

Features of auto drain valve:

  • Electronic system control prevents unnecessary air loss and provides proper draining.

  • Comes with user friendly LED display indication

  • Noise free operation

  • Durable and corrosion resistance