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Control Valve Supplier

Known for best quality and services, we are one of the largest control valve supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India. By varying the size of flow passage, control valve works to control fluid flow as signal received from the controller. Valve introduces the varying resistance into the system for regulation of the valve. When valve is moving towards closed position, pressure drop of the system shifts to the valve itself and it can reduce the system flow. It is helpful for direct flow control rate and controlling process quantities such as temperature, level and pressure. Electrical or Pneumatic actuators are used for the opening and closing operation of automatic control valves. Valve positioners are used to provide any required position between fully open to close. It also helps to ensure that the valve attains desired degree of positioning as per requirement.

There are the three main key components that control valve consists which are Actuator, Valve and Controller. Control valve is very useful device for regulating gas, temperature, pressure or liquid flow. Our offered control valves are easy to operate as they consume very less power and provide efficient operation. For controlling a process they form a part of control loop and start to respond as per controller instruction and adjust the operation of opening and closing accordingly. With their wide usefulness they are widely employed in various industries such as gas plants, steel plants, fire protection system, petrochemical plants, shipping industries, refineries etc.

Nowadays with the development of automatic industrial control system, the requirement of advanced industrial control valve is growing. With the help of latest analysis and efforts of R&D personals we have developed a more compact operational control valves for our customers. They are highly sturdy, simple structured, need less maintenance, long working life and highly efficient. Customer can avail these control valves as per their specification and requirement at competitive prices.

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